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What's for dinner?

Smart Meal Planning for your Everyday Food Needs

Save time with your personal food assistant and build inspiring weekly meal plans that meet your habits and goals in a matter of minutes.

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Plan your week in a breeze!

See what your personal assistant can do for you:
  • Personalized and customizable meal plans generated automatically for you, your family or friends
  • Quickly turn your weekly meal plan into a digital shopping list
  • Purchase ingredients, prepared meals or meal kits from your local or online grocery, and even from your favorite restaurants.

We are cooking an AI-based food assistant that quickly learns to understand your needs, helps you save time and money while deliciously feeding you with the latest culinary trends and fresh ideas.  

Coming to your kitchen in 2023!

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Save time - time clockSave moneyLifestyle, Health and nutrition goalsStop wasting food

Gain time every week

Save and stay on budget

Meet your lifestyle, nutrition and health goals

Stop wasting food